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This question is often asked. We can deliver your hedge plants to your home in the desired delivery week. Plants ordered before 12 noon on Wednesday can be delivered the following week. We can also keep this promise in this Corona crisis. If this is not the case, you will receive a 10% discount.

You can contact the driver one hour in advance. We recommend using the information you receive in the email. We do not always have all the information about what is happening on the road such as delays during unloading and traffic

17 meters long and 4 meters high

Then you should tell Scandiaplants that. We can then choose another location where the truck can come. At an additional cost, we can also top up and deliver your planter to your home on a smaller car.

The driver puts the hedge plants outside the truck out of reach of traffic. In most cases they do drive a bit in the garden. This is only possible if the road is passable for a pallet lift and if he has time to spare.

If you have ordered plants over 250 cm high, you should be home. Otherwise no one needs to be at home. For plants that are higher than 250 cm, you must help the driver.

No, that is not possible before the truck is fully loaded on Monday and we can see which boat the truck will take. All plants in Sweden were delivered on Friday. If the truck leaves the Netherlands on Monday, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the details. You will also receive the driver’s phone number. He calls an hour in advance to say he’s coming.

Normally we deliver between 07:00 and 21:00. If it gets later or earlier, the driver will ask if that is possible.

Buying your hedge plants at Scandiaplants means buying directly from the nursery. When you buy your hedge from a local grower, your hedge plants are stored several times in a warehouse and finally with your seller. This is reflected in the freshness of your hedge plants and ultimately also how quickly your plants take root in the ground.

Price always goes hand in hand with quality. We are convinced that if you compare our plants with plants from local suppliers, you will immediately see a difference in quality. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us as an online provider to show the plants from all sides. Cheap Thuja plants are grown much too close together and too quickly, making them thinner and less green at the bottom because they have not received enough light. We at Scandiaplants are specialized in different types of hedge plants and we work closely with growers who do not grow the hedge plants too close together and too quickly. These plants are also stabbed every year during cultivation so that the root can branch very well.

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