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Over 20 Years Experience

ScandiaPlants is a Dutch company run by Dutch people.
We are located in the center of the Netherlands and specialize in exporting all kinds of hedge plants throughout Europe.

As can be seen in our website, Scandiaplants is specially aimed at the different types of hedge plants such as Thuja Brabant, Thuja Smaragd, Taxus Hillii, Carpinus Hornbeam, Prunus and Privet. This will certainly benefit the quality of your hedge because we know everything about your future hedge!



ScandiaPlants is not only distinguished by the excellent quality of the hedge plants, but also takes care of the transport under its own management, with the greatest care to ensure that all our hedge plants are delivered in optimal condition. Our driver sees for himself the quality of your plants when they are transported. This way you are assured that your hedge plants are always fresh and of the very best quality!
Because we ship your shark plants in-house, we are very flexible in meeting your specific wishes.

ScandiaPlants currently works with more than 50 selected nurseries.
That is why we can offer a wide and varied range.

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